Bruce’s Book Manuscripts Seized At Gunpoint By Federal Agents Without Warrants – Several Witnesses Present

On two different occasions (once in Miami and once in Ohio) U.S. federal agents stormed the residence of Bruce and his mother and searched for over an hour at gunpoint without permission nor warrants.  The first time they seized some IRS documents and the first 12 chapters of Bruce’s book (about 200 pages at that time).  The second time (1999) they grabbed the first 24 chapters (all hard copy print-outs).  Fortunately he had secreted all on a zip disk buried in tin box in a local park and a few copies given to friends after associate Al Chalem was found with five bullets in his head.  It has to be noted that Al Chalem and Bruce were not actually friends but both crossed each other’s paths in search of unregistered, privately-owned Enron shares for buyers that were government officials. The only other thing they had in common were both were getting death threats by the same people at the same time – the Russian mobsters. Both had met Michael Vax and each other at the Russian Tea House in New York. Both had been FBI informants at different times. Both knew the Dark side of Wall Street was extremely lucrative – and dangerous.


Some in our government have conveniently claimed there is no book and all of this is all simply hogwash. In fact, over a dozen people have read the 812 page manuscripts and are sworn to secrecy. Although Bruce promised his wife not to publish the book after their son was born and their home shot up, Bruce finished the book in China as a sort of life insurance policy, a lesson he learned from Chip Tatum and Rodney Stich.  Only to demonstrate the existence of the book, one chapter of 38 is published below with 7 pages related to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez redacted along with 5 pages related to political candidates and “contributions” on behalf of General Noriega, and his brief conversations with Ken Lay, and Cliff Baxter who were at extreme opposites of the ethics spectrum.

This chapter below is one of two chapters dedicated to the AFG saga and the two years Bruce worked unwittingly inside the cut-out company and eventually reported the criminal activity to the FBI – which was “instructed” to allow it to continue for 4 years before AFG made the pages of The Miami Herald and Toronto Star and $87 million supposedly went “missing”.  If nothing else, the manuscripts serve as guide in documenting Bruce’s adult life  and the 15 government and corporate crimes he reported or exposed, including the Red Cross Blood scandal that probably saved the lives of over 500,000 people. Here then is the copyrighted Chapter 24… one of 38 chapters. For any legitimate investigator, this book connects the dots between the drug world, Wall Street, and those residing in the plush suburbs of Washington, D.C. and the Hamptons. The actors in this play make Jamie Dimon look like a boy scout. Some of you voted many of them into public office and the rest were “appointed”. (The author has authorized reproduction of any 300 word excerpt by any one entity/company/party, and retains and an all other related rights)


Chapter 24T_1        Chapter 24T_2Chapter 24T_3Chapter 24T_4Chapter 24T_5Chapter 24T_6Chapter 24T_7Chapter 24T_8Chapter 24T_9

    Chapter 24T_10 Chapter 24T_11 Chapter 24T_12 Chapter 24T_13 Chapter 24T_14 Chapter 24T_15 Chapter 24T_16 Chapter 24T_17 Chapter 24T_18 Chapter 24T_19 Chapter 24T_20 Chapter 24T_21 Chapter 24T_22 Chapter 24T_23 Chapter 24T_24

Chapter 24T_26 Chapter 24T_27 Chapter 24T_28 Chapter 24T_29 Chapter 24T_30 Chapter 24T_31 Chapter 24T_32 Chapter 24T_33 Chapter 24T_34 Chapter 24T_35 Chapter 24T_36 Chapter 24T_37 Chapter 24T_38 Chapter 24T_39 Chapter 24T_40 Chapter 24T_41 Chapter 24T_42 Chapter 24T_43 Chapter 24T_44 Chapter 24T_45 Chapter 24T_46 Chapter 24T_47 Chapter 24T_48Chapter 24T_46   Chapter 24T_49

Chapter 24T_51Chapter 24T_59 Chapter 24T_60 Chapter 24T_61 Chapter 24T_62 Chapter 24T_63 Chapter 24T_64Chapter 25 Deals With Terry Chism, Bribes made to Jeb Bush to win Noriega a new trial, a pardon,

or his freedom, and political betrayal by Bush family.  For reference only see:

Please take note that after Bruce was paid a visit in China by two federal agents who claimed they  wanted to help reunite his family, strange efforts began to smear him online to tarnish his credibility.  Be aware of these red herrings if you stumble across them on the internet. There are 18 living witnesses and over 2 dozen audio and video recordings that can corroborate the story that Bruce himself admits is “strange but true”.


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